1. How can I find my desired products in Oumibuy?

You can use the keyword search at the top of the middle top page. 2. Under the keyword search, you can select the category that meets your requirements to view the products under the category. If you can't find your desired products, you can also contact our Chinese customer service for product information. Due to the large selection of quality products of international brands or Chinese brands, some of our products may not have been put on the shelves yet. You can also recommend excellent brand products to our customer service. We are happy to listen to the opinions and suggestions from you and will negotiate with more Chinese and global brand suppliers as soon as possible to offer more products with good value for money for overseas Chinese.

  1. I forgot my password.

In case you can't remember your assigned password, click "Forgot Password" in the login window, then enter your registered mobile phone number. The system will automatically send the password reset SMS to your mobile phone. If you do not receive the SMS, please contact our customer service.

  1. Some product pictures are not the same as the ones I bought before.

Because some manufacturers change the product packaging from time to time, or in the case of different batch numbers or the color difference, the product packaging may be slightly different, and some images on the website are not replaced in time, so you can see that the images are different. The product packaging is subject to the actual goods received. Please give feedback to our customer service so that we can check and update in time.

  1. The QR code on the product cannot be scanned or the scanned information does not match the product.

Since most goods are specially customized by the manufacturer for export, they are not identical to the sales versions in mainland China and other origin countries. You may not be able to get the correct data when scanning the QR code in China due to database limitations. Also, the scanning results of different softwares are different, and there are also cases where the scanning results are blank. Our products are contracted directly with the manufacturer or in close cooperation with top agents.All products have passed EU import and export control, you have nothing to worry about.

  1. How do I get coupons from Oumibuy and how do I use them? What are the things to pay attention to?

Follow our official WeChat account, add our WeChat customer service account to your contacts (WeChat ID: cudtrade), and you will get the latest information about coupons and special offers.

  1. What is the shelf life of the food items in Oumibuy?

Since some food products use a combination of original packaging and foreign language stickers, the best before date may be displayed differently in different languages. In China, the date of manufacture and the shelf life are usually marked so that the consumer can calculate whether they are within the shelf life. In Germany, it is common to label only the final expiration date and it is safe to consume within that date. The date format in EU is "day / month / year", or "month / year" or "day / year".

  1. Can I pay for the order in CNY?

We cooperate with Alipay and WeChat in China. You can pay the order in CNY. The exchange rate will be automatically converted according to the product price in Euro and the exchange rates of Alipay and WeChat on the same day.

  1. I would like to change the order details.

After the order is confirmed, the order details cannot be changed. If the order is not paid yet, you can reorder the order directly. If the order has been paid, the order can only be cancelled and then reordered. If you are sure that you need to change the order, please contact our customer service (WeChat ID: cudtrade). Customer service will check if the order can be cancelled. If the order has been stocked, packed, shipped, the order will not be cancelled. If the order has not yet been processed, customer service will manually cancel the order for you and you will be able to reorder the goods. The refund will be pre-filed for you to place the order again.

  1. When will my order be shipped, what is the delivery time?

Without any special circumstances, after you place your order, the package will be packed and shipped within 1-3 business days. The large items, such as individual household appliances, will be delivered by arrangement. If the ordered goods are not in stock, the supplier will usually deliver the goods to the warehouse within 2-10 working days. The goods will be packed and dispatched as soon as they are received. Please note that the delivery time will be extended due to the supplier's storage time. In case of German holidays the delivery time will be shifted accordingly.

  1. How do I check my order status?

You can log in and click on "My Orders" in the top right corner of the page to view your order details. When your order has shipped, your shipment number and shipment information will be displayed.

  1. Do I have to pay additional tax on Chinese goods I buy?

Our products are imported into customs through normal goods import procedure. The price displayed on the website is the final price including EU excise tax.

  1. After the package was delivered, I found that there was a problem with the package.

In case of damaged, missing, wrong, or defective items, you can contact customer service according to the "Cancellation Policy". Further information

  1. The shipment status will not change or the package is lost.

Our shipping partners in Germany are UPS and DHL. If you have problems with the shipment, contact the customer service of the shipping partner on the one hand to get the current shipment status. On the other hand, you can contact our customer service. As the sender, we will also request the shipping partner to solve the problem with the shipment.

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