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Xiaomi Yunmai SE Muscle Massage Gun

Xiaomi Yunmai SE Muscle Massage Gun Xiaomi Yunmai SE. Muscle Massage Gun with 4 Heads and 5 Speed SsettingsMassage gun - 10 minutes per day recommended - 45W 3200 rpm motor - 45dB silent - 2 modes - 5 speed levels - 4 silicone heads - Long life batteryXiaomi Yunmai...
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Xiaomi Yunmai SE Muscle Massage Gun

Xiaomi Yunmai SE. Muscle Massage Gun with 4 Heads and 5 Speed Ssettings
Massage gun - 10 minutes per day recommended - 45W 3200 rpm motor - 45dB silent - 2 modes - 5 speed levels - 4 silicone heads - Long life battery

Xiaomi Yunmai SE.

Too much muscle pain and stiffness at the end of your high intensity exercises? Then what you need is a Massage Gun like the one we bring you here, with 4 silicone heads for the different muscle groups, 2 operating modes and 5 speed settings.

If you are still curious, don't miss this article, we will tell you all about the Yunmai SE! Here, in PowerPlanetOnline.

Muscle Pain after Exercise and its Connection to the Fascia
If you haven't exercised for too long or have started a new sport, you may feel muscle pain. The typical "I'm aching all over". And it doesn't necessarily have to be due to the annoying "sores", but because you are forcing the fascia too much.

Fascia is a system of connective tissue consisting of receptors and nerve endings that envelopes every organ in our body, from muscles to tendons and cells. It has recently been discovered that 80% of back complaints of unknown origin can find their cause in this part of our body.

10-minute Daily Massage with High Frequency Vibration
Don't worry, you don't have to give up on getting in shape. The muscle massage gun provides us with the solution we are looking for, as it carries out a high frequency vibration that deeply stimulates the fascia and brushes the muscular knots, breaking the tension and the muscular stiffness.

It is as simple as giving yourself a 10 minute daily massage with the massage gun after sport practice. In this way, it will help you to mitigate pain and relieve muscle fatigue.

Powerful 45W Engine at 3200rpm
Yunmai SE is equipped with a super-quiet 45W, 3200 rpm brushless motor, which has enough power to stimulate muscle groups up to 10 mm deep and to quickly neutralise the lactic acid produced after sporting activity, thus preventing the appearance of annoying "muscle spasms".

Moreover, as we mentioned at the beginning, as it is a brushless motor it barely generates any noise, reaching only 45 dB if we use it at maximum power.

5 Speed Settings
You may need something different at any given moment, that's why you can adapt the power of the Xiaomi Yunmai SE to the level you need thanks to its 2 operating modes and 5 speed settings, which allow you to activate your muscles or perform a deep massage. You choose!

4 Heads for Each Muscle Group
As for its heads, the YUNMAI SE includes 4 silicone heads, so that you can use them on different parts of the body. On the one hand, you have the round head for massaging the back, arms, thighs, calves and other large muscles, the "U" shaped head, for massaging the neck and both sides of the spine; the "bullet" type head, suitable for impact on deep tissues such as meridians, joints, the palms of the hands and feet; and, finally, a flat head for relaxing different muscular areas of the body.

Long-life Battery & Charging Base
Moreover, thanks to its large 2900 mAh battery, you'll never be stuck in the middle of a massage. It is capable of providing up to 84 days of autonomy. It also has a charging base that is extremely comfortable.

Ergonomic Grip with LED Indicators & Single Button
Its pistol-shaped design is striking, making it easy to grip while in use. In addition, thanks to its LED indicators you will be able to know when it has finished charging or what mode it is in, and with its single button you can even switch between the different modes.

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Technical specifications Xiaomi Yunmai SE Muscle Massage Gun:
Brand: Xiaomi YUNMAI
Product: Muscle Massage Gun
Model: SE
Engine: 45 W
Noise level: 45 dB
Battery: 2900 mAh
Colour: Dark grey
Packaging content:
1x Xiaomi Yunmai SE Muscle Massage Gun
4x Heads
1x Charging base
1x Transport bag
1x User Manual



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Xiaomi Yunmai SE Muscle Massage Gun
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